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Why Companies Need Computer Security Audit

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Why Companies Need Computer Security Audit


Performing computer security audit is very essential, since it is one of the ways used by organizations to mitigate potential security threat. Companies have lots of data, which they must protect from hackers, and misuse may be by their own employees. This process involves the technical assessment of an application or the entire system used in an organization. Internal security audits are responsible for ensuring system compliance is on track, and also minimizing stress during the formal audits.


Why Perform a Computer Security Audit

The main objective of implementing computer security audits is to ensure maximum protection of critical information from unauthorized update or access. Corporations have a duty to deploy intrusion detection systems in order to enhance their security. This is very critical in ensuring appropriate controls are implemented to prevent data deletion or ex filtration, both at the technical and operation levels, and hence the entire security program will be compliant.

Organizations including government institutions, companies and service providers must implement adequate security management measures that are relevant to their operations. This auditing creates a clear image of security control performance, which allows corporations to initiate relevant changes for preventing attacks of large magnitude. Many organizations have invested in a wide array of security measures, but should be accompanied by auditing in order to provide a comprehensive picture of their security systems.

Security audit does not guarantee a system is secure, but continuous assessment and verification of the security system is indeed a control. This would involve testing what it is doing and also its performance. The audit provides vital feedback regarding to the security strategy of a company, as well as demonstrating the relevance of data security to the executives. Furthermore, employees are offered opportunity to respond on the effects of security measures to their work.

Another critical element why perform a computer security audit is that it is used to support progressive improvement on the overall security system of an organization. Future audits are supposed to address areas not assessed before, or those identified as weak, and several things like software, hardware and policies have since changed. Organizations benefit from these audits after implement their recommendations, and tackling all concerns reported.

Computer security auditors are supposed to assess all resources related to an organization’s data security. It implies their work is approved by organization’s management. The process involves all those who use computer resources across the company. In fact, the auditors apply certain tools and techniques to understand how a site is secure or vulnerable to risk. The work of these auditors is performed through personal interviews, testing operating systems, analyzing of networks, and checking historical security data.

The main area of concern of the security auditors is about security policies and how they are implemented in a company. Therefore, to enhance your company’s computer security, it is advisable to engage security auditors to assess all vulnerable areas, and recommend possible solutions to address them.



5 Tips on How to Secure Your Smart Phone

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Are you searching for tips on how to secure your Smartphone? Smartphone use has become very popular nowadays. That means that most people store a lot of private data in their phones. These data includes messages, passwords, photos and also videos.

Some people also store confidential bank information in their phones. It means you need to take concrete measures to secure your Smartphone. These guides offer 5 tips for securing your Smartphone. They are:

Downloading Apps

  • You should be careful when it comes to downloading apps. One of the best selling points of Smartphones is that they enable you to download any app at any given time.
  • However, they come with risks. That’s because apps are designed to access a certain level of information on your phone.
  • It means if you accidentally download a malicious app, you may end up giving these apps access to confidential data.
  • Ensure you read online reviews of these apps before downloading. Consider doing your research and also use mobile security software.

Lock Your Smartphone

  • Make sure you lock your phone. That’s because although it inconveniences you, any unwanted access to it by people will instantly mean access to your personal data.
  • One way is by making sure they require pins to access.

Update Your Smartphone Regularly

  • You should also make sure you update your phone on a regular basis. That’s because operating systems developers, for example, Apple Inc and Google, keep regularly updating their systems.
  • That ensures criminals don’t utilize loopholes. By failing to update your Smartphone features, your phone gets vulnerable to attacks.

Bluetooth, Wireless and GPS

  • You should ensure you turn off GPS, wireless and Bluetooth features on your Smartphone when not using them. Keep in mind that they also drain your battery when idle.
  • They also have functions that track your location, that’s for GPS, trying to locate other Bluetooth devices, that’s Bluetooth and wireless networks, for example, wireless.
  • It means you can lose your data if they route to malicious networks. Be careful when accessing public wireless networks. That’s because other devices can potentially access your Smartphone.

Consider Remote Wipes

  • As a Smartphone owner, you should find the last backup option; that’s remote wipes. That’s because if your phone, unfortunately, gets stolen, you can use a remote wipe app to access your computer.
  • It enables you to access the remote wipe settings. That’s through a web browser. This tactic lets you access your phone through wireless means, go to its factory settings, and completely delete personal information.

What to Do

  • Remember to check online reviews of apps. That’s before downloading them. It enables you to avoid malicious apps.
  • Continually update your phone’s security features. That’s though changing things like passwords on a regular basis.
  • Make sure you purchase your Smartphone from online or departmental stores with the best consumer reputations. It avoids you buying inferior phones, which can be prone to attacks.


The above guide on how to secure your Smartphone should make you consider checking if yours is backed up. Remember to check online reviews of apps and purchase phones from reputable suppliers.


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